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What is SDR?
Standard dimensional ratio (SRD) represents numerical naming of a pipe series where a proper rounded number is approximately equal to the ratio of nominal outer diameter (OD) to nominal wall thickness.

Do the surface scratches damage the pipe?
Minor scratches on the pipe surface are acceptable. Please contact Azeeta Pipe System Sdn Bhd if unsure.

Do you provide installation training?
Yes, we provide free of charge demonstrations on joining methods and installation advice either on site or at a customer’s premises. Furthermore, more detailed seminar presentations can be arranged for groups of consultants or contractors either at Azeeta Pipe System Sdn Bhd  or at customer’s premises. Certificates of attendance will be issued to all attendees.

How can I do pressure test on the pipeline ?
Following installation method stated and allowing the appropriate drying times, the suggested method of testing is to fill the pipeline with water ensuring that no air pockets remain, and carry out a hydrostatic pressure test up to 1.5 times the total system pressure. The pipework is then left pressurized for a period not exceeding 1 hour.

How long is the product warranty ?
1 year warranty against manufacturing defect.


What is the PN and Pd ?
PN is the nominal pressure that calculated from the 50 years hydrostatic stress at temperature 20 degrees C. This PN rating is used to classify the cold-water pipe application system. Pd is used to classify the hot water application at 70 degrees C for class 2 application.

Can PPR PN14 & PN22 pipe use for hot water system ?
Yes. For a PN14 pipe, the design pressure for hot water at 70 degree C shall be 4bar maximum and for a PN22 pipe, the design pressure for hot water at 70 degree C shall be 6 bar maximum. Each project should follow the country authority requirements.

Can PPR Stub flange fit into MS flange?
No, The MS flange needs to be specially made.

Can we join PPR pipe and fitting with pvc glue?
No. PPR system can be joined using heat fusion method such as socket fusion or electrofusion. To join to other accessories, system feature or other type of piping material, PPR system can be joined by thread, flange, or clamping method.

Can we use heat to bend PPR pipe?
No. As it will deform the pipe and change the material properties.


Is PE pipe suitable for hot water application ?

Is elongation of PE pipes problematic?
No, various types of thermoplastic pipes undergo longitudinal expansion and contraction with temperature variations. This process should be understood to take necessary measures. The longitudinal expansion and contraction of PE pipes is calculated from the formula, 0.2 mm/m.K. It means an elongation / contraction of 0.2 mm* per meter when temperature increases / decreases by 1 ̊C.

Can adhesives be used to connect PE pipes?
No, PE pipes can be connected by butt fusion and electrofusion or mechanical fittings.

Does sunlight damage PE pipes?
No, black PE pipes contain permissible carbon black content and thus are resistant to UV radiation.

Can PE80 pipes be welded to PE100 pipes?
PE pipes produced from PE80 can only be welded by electrofusion using coupler to PE100 pipes of the same outer diameter.

What is the difference between PE63, PE80 and PE100 raw materials? Which is better?
Since invention in 1957, three generations of raw materials have been provided for PE pipes.

MRS* Raw material Designation
6.3 MPa PE63
8 MPa PE80
10 MPa PE100

MRS= Minimum Required strength

PE63 raw material is no longer used. In the mid-1980s, the second generation, PE80, was introduced to the market, Ten years later in the mid-1990s, the third generation, PE100, with improved specifications than the previous two generations was introduced to the market.


Are 2 ½”, DN65 & OD75mm the same?
Yes. Similarly, 5’’ DN125 & OD 140mm are the same. Also, the same are 8’’ & DN200 & OD 219mm

What is the shelf life of Abs solvent cement?
ABS solvent cement is marked with a shelf-life of up to 12 months from the date of manufactured.

How to store ABS pipe?
You can store ABS pipe and fittings either inside or outside. Protect the material from direct sunlight as exposure to the sun can cause discoloration. Store ABS pipe on a level support to prevent sagging or bending. Do not stack more than 1 meter high and the lowest level consists of the thickest wall thickness pipes.

How can we accommodate the movement of pipe due to expansion or contraction?
It is usually possible to accommodate pipe movement utilizing the natural flexibility of the pipework at changes in direction. If there are insufficient changes in direction, other methods would include the inclusion of expansion loops or flexible rubber bellows to accommodate the movement. (Where the use of rubber bellows are proposed, the suitability should be checked with the manufacturer / supplier of flexible bellows)

What material can I insulate my ABS pipe work for chilled water pipe ?
Mineral wool types such as ‘Rockwool’ or PU foam is suitable, please ensure correct type of glue is used or consult with Azeeta Pipe System Sdn Bhd.

Can I join ABS to Upvc ?
This practice is not recommended. Use mechanical joints e.g. flange or threaded joints. Temporary joints can be made in non-critical situations, provided that both systems are suitable for the application, (e.g. on a cold water system). These temporary joints must be made strictly in accordance with recommendations. PVC-U solvent cement must be used.

Can ABS pipe be used for chilled water piping system ?
Yes. AZEETA® ABS piping remains ductile at temperatures as low as – 40°C and is ideally suited to chilled water or subzero applications.

What is the lowest and highest ambient temperature which I can make a good ABS joint ?
Temperature is not so critical provided that surfaces are kept dry and clean. However, for below zero temperatures, you should allow additional curing time, as the evaporation rate of the solvent will be slowed down. At above room temperature and strong wind environment, the evaporation rate of solvent cement increases significantly.

ABS pipe is made to which standard ?
AZEETA® ABS pipe and fitting is manufactured in accordance to MS1419:Part 1:2007. However, we can also manufacture the pipe and fitting to AS/NZ 3518 & BS 5391.

Is Azeeta ABS Piping System Suitable to Convery Potable Water?
Yes. Azeeta ABS piping system i.e., Pipes, fittings and solvent cement were tested to MS1583 and confirmed to be suitable for the conveyance of potable water.

ABS pipe needs to be painted when exposed to sunlight?
Yes. ABS piping shall not be exposed to direct sunlight unless the pipe is protected by water-based paints.