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PP-R Hot & Cold Water System

Azeeta Pipe System Sdn Bhd (455260-W) was incorporated in Malaysia in December 1997. Since then, it continues to fulfill its objective by manufacturing and supplying thermoplastic Piping Systems such as ABS for Domestic Plumbing, Water and Sewerage Reticulation, PPR Hot & Cold Water Piping System and HDPE piping system.

In line with our product development and market demand, the company decides to take its production to the next level by introducing Azeeta HDPE Red Conduit Pipe.

Azeeta HDPE Red Conduit Pipe aims to provide an alternative solution to today’s cable protection and infrastructure needs


  • Hot & Cold Water System
  • Domestic Water Filtering System
  • Chilled and Condense water Circulation

PP-R Hot & Cold Water System

PPR is a type of flexible thermoplastic material from the polyolefin family. When manufactured into PPR pipes & fittings, they can be used for hot & cold water application up to 70⁰C water temperature. PPR is a very well known internal plumbing material all over the world.

Azeeta PPR products undergo stringent tests as stipulated in the manufacturing standards like the THERMAL CYCLIC test as an example. During the THERMAL CYCLIC test, the pipes, fittings and their combination (the joints) were subjected to 5000 cycles of 30 minutes each between 20⁰C and 95⁰C water temperatures under pressure. This test ensures that the whole piping system is fit for its purpose and able to meet the demanding condition especially from a hot water plumbing system.

Azeeta PPR pipes and fittings conform to the MS2286 and ISO15874 manufacturing standards.

Features :

  • Class 2 for hot water supply @ 70℃
  • Designed to last 50 years
  • No Toxic – Tested to BS6920 / MS1583
  • Noise Reduction
  • No Corrosion
  • No Scaling
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Low Pressure Losses
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • Easy, Fast and Reliable Installation
  • Save Space
  • Long Service Life at Elevated Temperature up to 70℃.

Manufacturing Standards :

  • MS 2286: 2012
  • ISO 15874: 2013
  • DIN 8077/8078:2008


  • Hot & Cold Water System
  • Domestic Water Filtering System
  • Chilled and Condense water Circulation
  • Light weight
  • Flexible
  • Excelllent compression and pulling strength

Conduit for electrical power cable

Size Range
Outside Diameter (mm) Min Wall Thickness Standard Length
110 8.1 6m / 12m / 100m
160 11.8 6m / 12m
200 14.7 6m / 12m

Note : Above thickness is base on PE 80 PN 10 wall thickness. Other thickness is available upon request.

PP-R Hot & Cold Water Plumbing System



Azeeta PPR Socket Fusion Fittings