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HDPE Piping System

Azeeta Pipe System Sdn Bhd (455260-W) was incorporated in Malaysia in December 1997. Since then, it continues to fulfill its objective by manufacturing and supplying thermoplastic Piping Systems such as ABS for Domestic Plumbing, Water and Sewerage Reticulation, and PPR Hot & Cold Water Piping System.

In line with our product development and market demand, the company decides to take its production to the next level by introducing Azeeta HDPE Piping System.

Azeeta HDPE Piping System aims to provide an alternative solution to today’s plumbing and industrial needs.
  • Potable Water Reticulation
  • Domestic Plumbing
  • Ash and Slurry Transportation
  • Chilled and Condenser Water Circulation
  • Clean and Waste Water Treatment Plants

Our Resin P901BK (PE 100) is HDPE pipe compound produced by an advanced bimodal Hostalen Process. It contains a combination of additives, stabilizers and well dispersed carbon black; great processability; high thermal stability; good chemical resistance and long service life.

P901BK is specially created for producing a high performance in water pipe applications; drinking water, pressure, sewage and drainage pipes. It meets the pipe compound requirement of ISO 4427 and AS/NZS 4131.

  • Flexible, reliable and affordable
    • Azeeta HDPE pipe is flexible, providing eases of installation. It can be curved, snakes, inserted or laid along natural contours, this reduced the installation, excavations and equipment cost.
  • Non-Leaching
    • Azeeta HDPE pipes does not contain any metallic ions or other substance which will leached into the water. The material also meets the requirement for the transportation of portable water.
  • UV Resistant
    • All plastics pipes are subjected to UV attack. HDPE has a better UV resistance to other plastic material as it contains a significant amount of carbon black. Carbon black is an additive added to enhances the weathering resistant of it materials.
  • Resistant to most Chemicals
    • Azeeta HDPE pipe has replaced steel, stainless steel, cast iron and concrete piping where chemical or corrosion resistance is required. It is resistant to attack by acids, bases, salts and many hydrocarbon materails. Please consult Azeeta sales representative for more details.
  • Light Weight
    • The pipe can be easily handled and installed as PE pipe is 1/7 of steel pipe weight.
  • Low flow resistant
    • The smooth interior of this pipe provides for higher flow design factors.
  • Internal Plumbing piping
  • Water reticulation
  • Industrial fluid transfer
  • Ducting and conduit
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